Game Overview:Edit

Game Subject: Restaurant Management

Game Type: Simulation, Leisure Game

Worldview: The main character of the game loves delicious food. In order to study cuisine of all delicacies, the player opened a restaurant in a flourishing townand established the following

Ambitious goal: to become the top Royal Chef Club chefand to build a top-notch international restaurant!

Game Characteristics: Learn unique cuisine from countries around the world and decorate a unique restaurant!

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Company Name: Shinezone

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Game Platform List: App Store

Game Set Up:Edit

Basic informationEdit

Royal Chef Club – A club opened by the chefs in town that come from all over the world. Complete daily tasks to get all kinds of rewards;

Seasoning Market – You can purchase all kinds of basic seasonings;

Grocery Stall – You can sell any unwanted ingredients or dishes;

Food Processing Room – You can synthesize basic ingredients and seasonings into brand new ones;

Seasoning Blender – You can synthesize basic seasonings into new seasonings;

Materials Processing Room – You can synthesize some building materials here;

Decorations Workshop – You can use building materials to synthesize sets of luxurious decorations.

Character Introductions:Edit

  • Otto – Century Star’s President. As the owner of thebiggest restaurant in town, Century Star, Otto is a nice guywith an elegant bearing and mild manners. Century Star is becoming more and more prosperous every day. Otto, who has already reached the pinnacle of his life, has decided to focus his energy on promoting the town’s food and beverage industrydevelopment instead. Thus the Royal Chef Club and other organizations were born to help group after group of youngsters who dream of becoming chefs to find their own flavor.
  • Victor – Mayor. As the town mayor, burdensome work has made his body thin and weak. However, it doesn’t hinder him from revealing an imposing appearance.
  • Edward – Farm Owner. Edward owns large amounts of the town’s land. He loves to help youngsters and frequently sells land at low prices to newly opened restaurants. Many have received his help.
  • Melissa – Mayor’s Secretary. Aside from properly completing all of her work as the mayor’s secretary, Melissa also runs a Themed Restaurant. But the style of this restaurant is completely different from what you’d expect. Melissa usually dresses in a steady and mature style, yet her restaurant is bursting with cuteness! From this you can tell that behind a strong woman’s façade hides the heart of a little girl.
  • Orlando – Retired Designer. He used to be an internationally famous designer, but as he grew older, he began to miss his hometown. ThusOrlando returned after his retirement. He discovered that the design of the town restaurants were a little lacking compared tocity restaurants. He decided to start offering building designs and upgrading Set Meal Counters and Shelves to restaurant owners.
  • Woody – Businessman. Unable to stay idle, Woody retired! Compared to being a chef, he likes to listen to the clicking of coins more, so he became a businessman! He has a lot of quality meat ingredients for sale. Occasionally he’ll even have some other random items available. As for if they’re what you’re looking for, you’ll just have to count on your luck!
  • Charles – Pasture Manager. The town’s Pasture Manager. He’s strong, honest, and kind. In addition to completing the daily work of managing the Pasture, caring for animals and crops, he often spontaneously cleans up trash in town and takes care of the garden flowers.

Chef Introductions:Edit

  • American Chef –Rebecca was born into a family of chefs. Her father runs a very famous restaurant. Her father taught her how to cook when she was young. She had won the local youth cooking competition many years in a row
  • South-East Asian Chef – Jirada’s mother is a connoisseur of fine food. To develop and promote South-East Asian cuisine, she studied cooking very diligently and relied on her fabulous sense of taste to progress quickly. She is now outstanding among young South-East Asian chefs.
  • French Chef – Alain was determined to become a 3 Star Michelin chef from a young age. He used this goal as motivation and graduated from the best French culinary school with exceptional grades. He continuously strives to innovate and create.
  • Korean Chef – Kim Suzy has had a unique way of handling seasonings since she was little. She doesn’t have to test the taste during the entirecooking process and still makes an extremely well seasoned dish.
  • Mexican Chef –Enrique’s success hinges upon his wife who loves delicious food. In order to court his wife, he spent a lot of effort and time learning to cook. Now he has attained the highest level of Mexican cuisine.
  • Japanese Chef – Saburo Ono once ran a very popular Japanese restaurant. To make the best sashimi, he has perfected his knife skills.
  • Greek Chef – Cyril is a nutritionist. He became famous after offering his own healthy dishes at arestaurant. People came from far away just to consult with him on how to make delicious and nutritious food.
  • Italian Chef – Sofia is the creator of a famous Italian culinary training school. Although she is quite young, she comes from a famous family and has outstanding talent. She has already perfected her grasp of Italian cuisine.
  • Chinese Chef – Steven Liu has been the head chef at many famous restaurants around the world. He is familiar with the cuisine of many countries, especially China. A sumptuous banquet is a snap for him.

Basic Operations:Edit


Edit - Click on the Edit button on the top left hand corner of the Game Status box to open the game operations panel. You can use these functions to perform all kinds of operations on items in the game. For example: moving, spinning, or switching interior and exterior walls. Once you have completed editing, click on the “Complete” button to save changes.

Shortcut – When working on multiple pieces of Pasture or Arable Land, you can use the Shortcut. Just click on the left hand button on the first piece of Pasture or Arable Land, and then drag the mouse to choose multiple targets. You can use the Shortcut for Watering, Planting, Speeding Up, and Harvesting.


Gameplay System:Edit

l   Make Dishes – To make dishes you must own Cooking Machines and Recipes. After you have the ingredients indicated in the Recipe, you just have to wait patiently forthe delicious and tasty dishes to be completed;

l   Make Set Meals – To make a Set Meal you need a Placemat and a Main Course. Once you add a Soup and Snack to your Set Meal, you can increase the selling price of the Set Meal;

l   Item Synthesis – Some basic materials can be found while completing the daily operations. Go to different Synthesis Workshops to synthesize different items;

l   Dish Star Level Upgrade – When you make a Dish you can improve its four attributes “Taste”, “Heat Control”, “Knife Skills”, and “Plating”. Once these four attributes reach their highest level, the Dish’s Star Level will upgrade;

l   Recipe Learning – After you increase your Rapport Level with the Famous Chefs, you will receive Recipe unlocking tasks. Complete the tasks to learn these new Recipes;

l   Town Expansion – Once you’ve reach the level needed for expansion, you can click on the piece of land you want and complete the tasks to expand. It will be open after expansion;

l   Restaurant Expansion – Once you reach the level needed for expansion, you can click on the green arrow on the restaurant’s edge and complete the tasks to expand. After the expansion, you can place more Tables & Chairs and Set Meal Counters in your restaurant;


l   Clear Obstructions – Click on Rock Piles, Tree Stumps, and other obstructions. Use the indicated item to clear them. After you clear obstructions, you can get all kinds of materials. You’ll need to use these materials in the Materials Processing Room;

l   Customer Tasks – Once you reach Level 7, there is a chance that a customer who needs your help will appear in your restaurant! Click on the Blue Exclamation Point to see the Customer Task. Complete the Customer Tasks to get Chef’s Invitations;

l   VIP Tasks – Once you reach Level 38, there is a chance that a VIP who needs your help will appear in your restaurant! Click on the Gold Exclamation Point to see the VIP Task. Complete the VIP Tasks to get Chef’s Invitations and Good Review Cards;

l   Customer ReviewsOnce your Ambiance Points reach Good, you can get Good Review Cards by serving customers. Of course, if your Ambiance Points are Excellent you’ll receive more Good Review Cards! You can check with Jessica the Cashier to see how many Good Review Cards you have;

l   Delicacy Coupons – Once your Ambiance Points reach Good, make Set Meals that contain a Main Course, Soup, and Snack. You will get Delicacy Coupons when you sell these Set Meals. You can check with Jessica the Cashier to see how many Delicacy Coupons you have. Delicacy Coupons are necessary to upgrade your restaurant’s level;

l   Star DishEach chef has a Dish they are best at. This is their Star Dish! Star Dishes are the most expensive Dish for each Cuisine! You can check each chef's Star Dish on the Chef World Page. Set Meals that include a Star Dish are more expensive. Note that designated Star Dish combinations will get even more Delicacy Coupons;

l   Wait Staff Upgrade – Get Abilities needed to train Wait Staff when you serve customers. Once you have enough Abilities, you can train Wait Staff. The higher your Wait Staff’s level, the more Good Review Cards they will get when they serve customers;

l   Increase Ambiance Points – Buy decorations that carry Ambiance Points and place them to increase your restaurant’s Ambiance Points. When your restaurant has trash in it, your Ambiance Points will decrease. Clean up the trash in your restaurant to retain your basic Ambiance Point level at Good;

l   Get Rewards – When your character reaches level 40 and you’ve unlocked the Royal Chef Club, Otto will appear. Complete Tasks to unlock Otto to establish a friendship with him. After unlocking, complete Otto’s Daily Tasks for a chance to get rewards.

Game Strategy:Edit

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